Monday, June 25, 2007

Ava, be sweet please

These are the words muttered over and over in our house these days. Ava REALLY loves Eli, but she also likes to test the boundaries with him. She likes to hug him (not so gently), kiss him (again, not so gently), feed him her snacks- he likes goldfish, all,very sweet things. However, she also likes to cover his nose and mouth with her hands (not good for a baby who already has airway issues), drag him by his legs/arms/head, and ride him like he is a horse, among other things that are not so sweet. So, we find ourselves saying over and over"Ava, be sweet please". And Ava is, a very sweet girl. Probably, the sweetest girl ever.

We spent most of the weekend in our backyard pool. Actually, we have two pools. Daddy likes to mix it up and throw in the slide sometimes, too. Ava loves her pools. She has no fear, sliding down at warp speeds and smashing into whatever happens to be in her way. She has the battle wounds today from a weekend spent in the water. Luckily (or maybe not for me), Ava is off school this week, so I can avoid explaining all of the scrapes/bruises/marks covering her. So, Ava, Mommy, Daddy, and dog spent the weekend in the pools. Eli enjoyed watching from afar in his swing- out of danger's (Ava's) way.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have officially lost control.......

.....or maybe I have just given up. I am such a pushover these days for Ava- all she has to do is say "pease, mommy", and I melt. Which leads me to this morning.........Ava wanted "chocate" in her morning "baba" (sippy cup). And if you are wondering already, yes, I am going to make you a little nauseous by spelling out grammatically each word of Ava's that I can make out (and those that I guess/interpret on my own). So, Ava had chocolate milk this morning. Does this make me a bad parent? Gosh,I hope not because I have given into so much WORSE than chocolate milk. Now Ava is content, watching Blues Clues and Dora on her 42" flat screen TV and sipping (really chugging) her chocolate milk. She really has it good.

Then, there is my sweet boy. He slept eight hours straight last night, then woke for his breakfast and right back to sleep in his swing. He is such a sweet, sweet boy. He has now been home from the hospital for two months. Still, not as long as he lived at the hospital but we're getting there. He has made such progress in the past two months. It is like he is a different baby. Though, he is still on all of the same meds and oxygen at night, he is eating like a champ. He is now 3 months adjusted (six months old, but adjusted for his prematurity) but eating like a six month old. He definitely has his sister's appetite. And yes, we have spotted some fat rolls! He is approaching 12 pounds, a long way from his 2lb 14oz at birth.

So, this is our first official blog post. Maybe boring to some but never a dull moment for us. As every parent knows, anything that your child does is the cutest, smartest, and most interesting thing there is. Prepare to be amazed.