Thursday, November 1, 2007

The most original costumes in BR

Okay, tigers are not very original for BR, but what their costumes lack in originality, my babies more than make up for in cuteness. Trick or Treating was so much fun this year. Partly because I wasn't on bedrest but also because Ava really got it. She loved it- candy is an incredible motivator for a two year old. Vic (in mullet) and I traded off staying at the house with Eli giving out candy and taking Ava around. In case you can't tell, they are both dressed as tigers. I was told (repeatedly) that Ava looked like a kitty- but I promise, she was really a tiger.

Who knew that Halloween was such a long ordeal- I feel like we have been going to Halloween events and parties for weeks. Here are some photos of the various festivities- BR Boo at the Zoo, NO Boo at the Zoo, campus trick or treating, and student athletes trick or treating. S0 much candy!

The very best news of all is that Eli is sitting up on his own and CRAWLING! He has had a very busy two weeks with milestones. We can't believe he is crawling- mainly with just one leg, but crawling nonetheless!

Finally, I will end this post on a somewhat sad note (for Vic, anyway). It appears that Ava is not an LSU fan afterall.