Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Um, did your son have surgery today?"

Eli's surgery could not have gone better (short of him not having it). The facility, nurses, and doctors were fantastic. And Eli, well, Eli was Eli. As always, he pulls through better than you could have even hoped for. Once again, he was a fighter and champ. Absolutely no problems with his airway or oxygen intake. He was groggy coming off the anesthesia but that lasted as far as the ride home.

Eli's surgery began at 7 am, was over by 7:45am, and we were home by 9 am. Wow, we did A LOT during hours I (and Ava and Eli) are typically sleeping (note to self). Once we got home, Eli was all hyped up, none the worse for just being heavily sedated and having muscles cut in both eyes. I ran out once we got home to pick up his prescriptions, pick up some groceries, and of course, pick up the princess from pre-k. Vic called me on my cell while I was running about and asked "did your son have surgery today?". I thought I was leaving Vic to watch a groggy, hurting baby. What he got was a terror.

A terror we will gladly take any day.

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