Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We have movement.......

In preparation for Eli's surgery, we have been going non-stop to doctor's appointments. One of those stops was for an ultrasound of his airway. In order to go ahead with the surgery, we wanted clearance from his pulmonologist due to Eli's history with his airway. Well, not only does Eli have a nice size airway BUT, but he has movement in both vocal chords. How much movement, we are not sure yet but are just so thrilled that the other vocal chord that appeared to be impinged by scar tissue is MOVING.

So, we are moving ahead with his surgery on Thursday. Yesterday, we got clearance from his pediatrician. Who also was helpful enough to diagnose him with keratosis pilaris and eczema. Nice.

Tomorrow Eli and daddy go to see the pediatric opthamologist who will be performing the surgery. We will get definite confirmation and find out if Eli will need surgery in just the one eye or both.

Keep you posted.

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